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After  a few months of healing, we are now in the final process of restoring the patient's wonderful smile. 

The next few steps are crucial because it would require the doctor to have a great lab technician that is knowledgeable and skillful. 

Why is this important? 

It is important because aesthetics is paramount. The patient have gone through surgery and months of healing; they want to have a great looking smile to show for it. 

Now, lets begin the process of restoration.

1. We would need to remove and clean the temporary denture. (First visit)


2. Take initial impressions of the implant arch as well as the opposing. This step can be achieved with either closed tray or open tray impression copings. (First visit)

As we will read later on, closed tray impression would be best and least troublesome to use.

3. After the inital impression is poured up, we will then mount the case using the temporary hybrid. This will make sure that we have the proper vertical, bite, and teeth arrangements. A verification jig will also be tried during this visit. (Second visit)

You might be wondering why the verification jig is needed?

This will ensure that our abutments' location and angulation are exactly the same as the patient's. Also, the precise fit is achieved once we fabricate the titanium bar. In addition, we corrected any errors we might have incur when using the closed tray coping.  

What's the best part?


By having the technician at the office visits, they are able to do the mounting and save a  couple of office visits. 

Another best part?


4. The next visit is the try-in with teeth! After months of healing, the patient will finally be able to see the finish line.  (Third visit)

Moving on to the next step.

5. Once we establish our models and teeth arrangements, we are now ready for bar fabrication. 


At this point we are rounding third and headed for home. 

6. Once the nice shiny titanium bar is tried and verified passive fit, its on to the final delivery! (Fourth visit)

All-on 4 final prothesis.

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