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Our experience and knowledge with many different types of implant platforms have created satisfied doctors and happy patients. We make office visits included in our fees in order to optimize workflow. Since implant cases can sometimes be complicated, working with a reliable and dependable dental laboratory can only be an asset to your precious cases.

NTI, Soft Nightguards, Hard Nightguards, Sports Guards (colors), Combo (soft inside/hard outside) and retainers, we can do all of them. These type of appliances require great fit with little to no adjustments on the doctors' part. That is our mentality when we create these great appliances.

Full Dentures require a great deal of precision and art, which few have within their labpratory. Phoenix Dental Lab is different. We have technicians that understand the importance of  occlusions, aesthetics, and proper fit. We have a Certified Dental Technician that make sure that your patients denture are at the utmost quality. Our credentials and skills only translate to doctor satisfaction and patient happiness.


Full Dentures
and Partials
Conversion Services

We provide services for immediate loading procedures

(tooth-in-a-day tm). We understand the day of the surgery can be a stressful day for the patient and dentist. That is why we would come in, along side the doctor, and make sure that the prostethic side of the surgery is taken care of. 

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