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What goes on during

"teeth-in-a-day" conversion. 

To simply put it, its going to be a challenging day but with a wonderful result. 


After the pre-opt, sedation, teeth extraction (if needed) the patient is ready for their implants to be placed. Most doctors have a preferred implant brand that they like to use. Some of the popular ones are: Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and Biohorizon. 


Why does the brand matter?


The brand matters so that the doctor and technician know which parts to have during the day of the surgery. The last thing we would want is to bring the wrong parts or not to have the proper parts. Some brands are interchangeable but to ensure precision fit, the right parts are key.


Once the implants are placed and checked for stability, the prosthetic phase starts. 

The doctor creates a bluemoose impression on our pre-made denture. This lets the technician know the location of the implants so that holes are properly placed.

Why is this part important?

It's important because we would want to limit the size of the holes we put through the denture. 


Big gapping holes means less strenght even after luting the cylinders. 


- Implants are placed.

- Temporary cylinders are luted.

The technician then trims most of the denture to create a temporary hybrid that have four/five of the cylinders. After trimming and polishing, the hybrid denture is ready to be screw retained and checked for the bite until the healing process is complete, which is about 3-4 months. 

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